EVA ICS documentation

EVA ICS is a platform for automated control and monitoring systems development, for any needs, from home/office to industrial setups. It is completely free for non-commercial use as well as for commercial, on condition that enterprise integrates it on its own. The product is distributed as a free software and is available under Apache License 2.0.

Automated control systems are facing a new stage of evolution: IoT-devices become interesting for those, who have never dealt with automation, cheap programmable devices become reliable enough for industrial use, commercial solutions move away from old protocols and involve computer networks instead. We do not reform automation – we change the approach: taking the classical technology as a basis, we simplify everything else to the maximum. Automation is simple and available for everyone!


This is the main EVA ICS documentation site. For troubleshooting, firstly check the EVA ICS Knowledge base.

What is EVA

  • Universal controllers for management and monitoring of all your equipment, on the basis of which you can develop your own automation applications easily and quickly.
  • Notification system, that instantly informs applications on current events.
  • Logic Manager programming logic controllers used for automatic data processing and decision-making.
  • EVA JS Framework and SFA Templates, allowing quick development of the interfaces for a specific configuration.

EVA can be installed either partially or fully, it can be scaled up to many servers or all components can be installed onto the only one. The system is designed in such a way, that it can work on any hardware: from fat servers to mini-computers with only one smart card in the “read-only” mode.

Architecture of EVA provides a high scalability: one system can support dozens and even hundreds of thousands of devices through processing events via separate subsystems and collecting all data to a unified database.

The latest EVA ICS version is 3.3.1. CHANGELOG

What you get with EVA

  • powerful command-line interface (CLI)
  • use pre-made drivers or write simple scripts for your automation hardware and keep them organized, queued and safely executed with Universal Controller
  • easily collect data from the hardware using MQTT or SNMP traps with the built-in SNMP trap handler server
  • quickly customize configurations with Core scripts
  • collect data from your microcontrollers with a simple UDP API
  • test and monitor the initial setup with controllers’ EI web interfaces
  • exchange all automation data between multiple servers with EVA controllers and your own apps via MQTT server or JSON notifiers
  • use EVA Logic Manager to write powerful macros which can be run automatically on events in accordance with the decision rules you set up
  • collect everything and control your whole setup with the aggregator controllers
  • API Clients to quickly connect controllers’ API to your apps
  • develop a modern real-time websocket-powered SCADA web applications with EVA JS Framework
  • set up IoT cloud with nodes connected via MQTT
  • and much more