Scheduled jobs

Scheduled jobs are similar to decision-making rules except they’re triggered when the specified time comes.

To manage scheduled jobs you may use eva lm (lm-cmd) console applications, LM API functions or an appropriate LM EI interface section.

Jobs configuration is stored in runtime/lm_job.d/ folder.

Job configuration

  • description job description
  • enabled if True, job is enabled (new jobs are disabled by default)
  • every schedule interval
  • macro macro that is executed
  • macro_args arguments the macro is executed with
  • macro_kwargs keyword arguments the macro is executed with

Job schedule interval

Schedule interval (every parameter) is set in a human-readable format. Examples:

  • second execute job every second
  • 5 seconds execute job every 5 seconds
  • 2 minutes at :30 execute job every 2 minutes at 30th second
  • 5 hours execute job every 5 hours
  • 2 days execute job every 2 days
  • wednesday at 13:15 execute job every Wednesday at 13:15