Command line interfaces

EVA command line apps

EVA apps are used to configure the system and call controller API functions from the command line or by external scripts. All of the following apps are located in bin folder.

EVA shell

EVA shell (eva-shell) is a primary CLI tool. It allows you to manage local system as well as calling other tools directly from CLI interactive command line.

With EVA shell you can install updates, backup and restore configuration, start and stop EVA components.

Universal Controller

Logic Manager

SCADA Final Aggregator


  • test-uc-xc a special app to test UC item scripts. Launches an item script with UC cvars and EVA paths set in the environment.
  • sbin/layout-converter allows to convert simple item layout to enterprise.

Virtual item management is performed using xc/evirtual application.


In case of significant changes in the commands or arguments, previous versions of command line tools are kept and moved to legacy folder. We strongly recommend using API calls only in all 3rd-party applications, but if your app uses command line interface, you can get the previous version until the app is reprogrammed to use a new one.

Device control apps

EVA distribution includes preinstalled samples for device controlling. All sample scripts are located in xbin folder

TCP/IP controlled relays

  • EG-PM2-LAN controls EG-PM2-LAN Smart PSU
  • SR-201 controls the SR-201 relay controllers - a quite popular and simple solution with TCP/IP management option


  • w1_ds2408 controls Dallas DS2408-based relays on the local 1-Wire bus
  • w1_therm monitors Dallas DS18S20, DS18B20 and other compatible temperature sensors on the local 1-Wire bus
  • w1_ls displays the devices connected to the local 1-Wire bus